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SpiNNaker Overview

Current Projects

A universal Spiking Neural Network architecture.

Transactional memory
An Efficient Page and Object-based Transactional Memory System

iTLS: Combining Machine Learning and Runtime Managed Environments

Exploiting Dataflow Parallelism in Teradevice Computing

Research History

Hardware and Software for chip multiprocessors.

Asynchronous ARM compatible processors.

A Synthesised Amulet Core

Self-timed interconnect for billion transistor Systems-on-Chip.

Asynchronous DSP
Asynchronous digital and special purpose signal processing.

Design Tools

Balsa version 4.0 June 2010 - New release of the Balsa asynchronous design and synthesis tool. Note: This is the last release of Balsa. There will be no further development and future support will be limited.

Teak version 0.1 May 2010 - First release

AsipIDE May 2010 - Beta release of Galaxy GALS System Level Design Tools

Major initiatives

Stella, our HPC cluster