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General Asynchronous List

The general asynchronous mailing list is managed by Steven Nowick
at Columbia University. The list is open to anyone and deals with all
aspects of asynchronous systems.

Subscription, Unsubscription and Posting

Subscription to the asynchronous mailing list is by a two-step procedure, to avoid spammer subscriptions:
    1. Send email, with SUBJECT header 'subscribe', to: asynchronous-request [at]

    2. You will then receive an automatic email reply, which asks you to either reply to the message, or to click on a URL link. This step finalizes your subscription request.

You will then automatically receive confirmation of your subscription by email.

To unsubscribe, follow the same procedure above, but with subject header 'unsubscribe'.

The list is moderated, to avoid spam. To send a post, mail to: asynchronous [at]
A poster can be either a member of the list or a non-member.

Your request will then be queued and manually approved by the administrator, Prof. Steven Nowick at Columbia University (nowick [at]

UK Asynchronous List

The UK asynchronous mailing list is managed at Manchester University.
The list is open to anyone, but will principally be of interest to those
working on asynchronous systems in the UK. It is intended as a means
for UK researchers to keep in touch with events in the UK that are
relevant to the asynchronous world.

Subscription and Unsubscription

To subscribe to this list, send a mail whose body (not subject) contains only the words subscribe asynchronous-uk (or unsubscribe asynchronous-uk if that is what you wish to do) to:
This list is handled entirely automagically. If you have problems with it then a human can be reached at


To post, mail to:

You will not be able to post to this list unless you are subscribed to it.

If you know about, or run, a mailing list relevant to the asynchronous community
we would like to list it here. Please send an e-mail to:

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