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From: Oliver Kraus

DGC - Digital Gate Compiler

About three or four years ago, there was a small asynchronous design group at the institute for computer aided circuit design of the university of erlangen-nuremberg. Beside all other projects I spent my time on the creation of asynchronous state machines. It later became my Ph D project.

During my research I found that many things had been done before: Most parts are based on the work of S. Nowik (Minimalist) and K. Yun (3D).

DGC differs from other projects in some points:

  • There is an hazard free netlist generator. This also means the handling of essential hazards (delay chain generation)
  • There is a new, much better encoding method. Well, DGC has some other disatvantages, so at the end, results of DGC and MINIMALIST are comparable
  • DGC removes some restrictions on the XBM format and adds some new keywords.

DGC is a collection of several programs. Directly comparable to the programs MINIMALIST and 3D is XBM2PLA which creates the boolean functions from a XBM description. XBM2PLA and DGC do not call external programs (like hfmin). Everything is handled inside a single executable. So DGC and XBM2PLA are much easier to handle compared to MINIMALIST and 3D. Moreover DGC comes with a configure script which makes DGC much more portable (DGC runns on MacOS X, on Windows and of course on nearly all unixes...)

I should also mention that EVERY algorithm has been rewritten from scratch...

There are also some papers about DGC. For example a poster presentation at DATE 2003.

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