TIMR 99 - Towards Intelligent Mobile Robots

Proceedings of a conference held in Bristol, 26th March 1999.

U. Nehmzow and C. Melhuish (eds.)

This second UK conference on autonomous mobile robotics has similar aims to TIMR 97, its predecessor: to provide an overview of current mobile robotics research in the UK, to identify the issues at the heart of mobile robotics, and to provide a platform for discussion.

One attraction of mobile robotics is the diversity of skills, techniques and approaches required to make a mobile robot behave intelligently in its target environment. There are hardware aspects, such as actuator and sensor design, there are engineering aspects such as sensor signal interpretation and control, and there are questions related to robot control paradigms, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science applications in mobile robotics, such as learning, navigation and modelling of robot-environment interaction.

TIMR 99 reflects all these aspects, covered in a wide range of papers. These papers serve as pointers to problems that are currently being discussed within the mobile robotics community, and indicate open questions and directions of future research. Their main purpose, however, is to stimulate discussion.

Welcome to Bristol, and wishing you a successful and stimulating conference!

Ulrich Nehmzow.

Accepted papers