HORN Project Software

Programs developed as part of the HORN project in order to assist the design and analysis of low power VLSI designs - mainly support for asynchronous designs.

VLSI Design Tool Support


To convert the bus definitions in a .out file produced by TimeMill® into bus definitions that can be read by AReview, a waveform drawing tool developed by ARM Ltd.


To check through the .out file produced byTimeMill® and warn about any long edge times.


To check bundling constraints in an asynchronous design using the bundled data protocol and 4 phase handshake signals.


To process the verbose output of the bundles utility and produce in the information in a more concise form sorted according to the type of error and identifying entire buses rather than individual signals. All the information obtained from the bundles program is reported.


This program filters the output of summarisebundles and produces an even more concise report by discarding some of the information. Only the worst violation for each bus or signal is reported for each type of error.


This tools estimates the power (energy) consumption of a given circuit during a given simulation. The precise energy results are only rough estimates, since the tool only calculates dynamic power consumption, but they will allow identification of high power sections of a design.

Licence Conditions

The copyright and any intellectual property rights associated with this work are retained by the author and the University of Manchester, but permission is granted to freely copy, distribute, modify and use this software under certain conditions, as described in the Artistic Licence (with the deletion of clause 8). This licence is obtained from the Perl distribution.
TimeMill is a registered trademark of EPIC Design Technology Inc, 2901 Tasman drive, Suite 212, Sata Clara, CA 95054.

     PROJECT LOGO This software was developed as part of the OMI HORN project at the University of Manchester Department of Computer Science, funded as part of the European Union ESPRIT initiative (project number 7249).

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