Dr. Doug's Ski Guide

Parking at the ski resort

An important start to a ski day is where to park your car.

Here Dr. Doug demonstrates that parking in a snow drift is not a good idea (note the digger approaching from the left).

Moving the car

Once firmly embedded within a snow drift manoeuvering the car can be difficult

but with the aid of a digger advanced off piste driving techniques can be used (note the chain connecting the digger to the car).

Navigation of the Ski slope

With the care safely parked in the parking lot the next challenge is navigation on the ski slope.

It is important to know exactly where you are (and where you can get your next snack). A member of the family makes a good ski partner in case of difficulty

Ski tips

If after eating your next snack you find that your ski suit is much tighter than you remembered last year, take great care on wide open green runs. If you mange to fall over on one of these very easy runs and have difficulty standing because your ski suit is too tight, then the "beached whale manoeuvre" shown below may be useful:

This involves laying in the snow and flapping you arms around yelling "I can't get up my ski suit is too tight"!!

Coming Next....

Dr. Doug's Guide to bungy jumping without a rope.