SCALP: A Superscalar Asynchronous Low-Power Processor

My Ph.D. work (1992-95) concerned the design of a superscalar asynchronous microprocessor called SCALP. If you would like to read about SCALP, please choose from these documents:

My Ph.D. thesis
My thesis is available here in HTML, and can be downloaded as a postscript file.

The SCALP Instruction Issuer Problem
A description of SCALP's instruction issuer, which has proved to be the most interesting part from the point of view of asynchronous design.

Superscalar instruction issue in an asynchronous microprocessor
A paper that appeared in the IEE Proceedings on Computers and Digital Techniques describing the implementation of the SCALP instruction issuer.

Parallel Structures for Asynchronous Microprocessors
A paper that I wrote for the IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Architecture Newsletter special issue on Asynchronous Computer Architecture describing SCALP's explicit forwarding mechanism.

SCALP Processor Programmers' Model and Software Tools User Guide
A fairly complete description of SCALP from the programmer's point of view, along with a description of my assembler and simulator which won't be of any use to anyone.