Other tools ?

From: Luciano Lavagno (lavagno@polv2k.polito.it)
There are also other people who arew working on developing such systems. You may want to contact them as well (I have no precise information on availability/capabilities of their tools): From: Ruchir Puri (puri@enel.ucalgary.ca)
If You are utilizing FSM specifications, (like Ken) then you might like to look at my paper on :
An Efficient Algo. for finding Minimal Closed Covers in FSMs.
Which will appear in the April issue of IEEE Transactions on CAD.
Right now I am working on the Modular Synthesis and am incoroporating the Top Down and Bottom up Async Synthesis from STGs. I have bits of code running but will still take some time before the system is ready.
From: polly@howdy.stanford.edu
A set of tools called STETSON will be available.