From Tue Jul 11 20:06:37 1995 Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 11:58:05 -0700 From: (Venkatesh Akella) To: Subject: CFP: IEEE TCCA Newsletter Content-Length: 2110 X-Lines: 55 Status: RO IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Computer Architecture (TCCA) Newsletter Special Issue On "ASYNCHRONOUS COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE" IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Computer Architecture (TCCA) publishes a quarterly newsletter. Information on how to receive the Newsletter (free for IEEE Computer Society members) can be obtained via ftp from The TCCA Newsletter seeks articles (position papers, surveys, tutorials, research problems) for a special issue on "asynchronous computer architecture", scheduled to appear in Fall 1995. The topics include all aspects of asynchronous computer design including specification, implementation, performance analysis, and verification. Articles should be submitted by August 31, 1995 to: Venkatesh Akella, Guest Editor Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering University of California Davis, CA 95616 U.S.A. E-mail: Phone: (916) 752-9810 FAX: (916) 752-8428 Submission guidelines: --------------------- (i) Submitted articles should be in a camera-ready format (a two-column format is preferred), and ordinarily should not exceed 6 pages. Print the manuscript on 8.5-by-11-inch white paper. All printed material, including text and illustrations, must be kept within a print area at most 6 7/8 inches (approx. 17.5 cm) wide, and at most 8 7/8 inches (approx. 22.5 cm) long. (ii) To be included in the special issue, manuscripts must be received by August 31, 1995. (iii) In addition to hard copy, electronic publication of the Newsletter is also planned. Therefore, we prefer electronic submission in the form of a PostScript file. If you are unable to provide a PostScript version, please contact the Guest Editor at or (916) 752-9810. (iv) It is the responsibility of the author(s), to obtain permission from their organization(s) to publish their manuscript, before submitting the manuscript to the newsletter.