Lard Language Reference Manual

Input/Output Library

Introduction to the I/O library

Index of functions

bfile Binary filehandle type
bopenin Open a binary file for input
bopeninout Open a binary file for input/output
bopenout Open a binary file for output
close Close a file
eof Indicate end of file
fgetc Read character from binary file
flen Get length of file
fprintchar Print characters
fprinthex Print integers in hex
fprintint Print integers
fprintstr Print strings
fputc Write character to binary file
fread Read variable from binary file
freadchar Read characters
freadint Read integers
freadstr Read strings
fseek Set current file position
ftell Get current file position
ftrunc Truncate file at current position
fwrite Write to binary file
printchar Print characters to standard output
printhex Print integers in hex to standard output
printint Print integers in decimal to standard output
printstr Print strings to standard output
readchar Read characters from standard input
readint Read integers from standard input
readstr Read strings from standard input
set_default_input_base Set default input base
stderr Standard error
stdin Standard input
stdout Standard output
tfile Text filehandle type
topenin Open a text file for input
topenout Open a text file for output