LARD Language Reference: Standard Language

Index by Category

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. Declaration/expression seperator
: Declaration without definition
: Declaration without definition
class Classes
type Types
val Values
expr Expressions
var Variables
lib Libraries
varargs Varargs identifiers
overloaded Overloaded identifiers
Simple Types
int Integers
char Characters
bool Booleans
scalar Scalars
string String
void Voids
Primitive values
true Truth
false Falsehood
null No value
:= Assignment
Class Conversion
read Read from variable
eval Evaluate expression
mkexpr Make expression from value
Arithmetic Operations
+ Addition
- Unary minus
- Subtraction
* Multiplication
/ Division
mod Modulus
= Equality
< Less than
> Greater than
<= Less or equal
>= Greater or equal
!= Inequality
Logical operations
&& AND
|| OR
Bitwise logical operations and shifts
and AND
or OR
xor XOR
not NOT
<< Shift left
>> Shift right
^ Vector type
[] Vector indexing
[_,_,_] etc. Vector construction
record Record type
:: Field declaration
-> Field selection
val_index_record Low-level field selection
var_index_record Low-level field selection
{_,_,_} etc. Record construction
Sparse Arrays
sparse_array Sparse array type
[] Sparse array indexing
init_sparse_array Initialise sparse array
destroy_sparse_array Destroy sparse array
Scalar operations
succ Successor
pred Predecessor
ord Ordinal value
String operations
newstringvar Initialise string variable
newstringvalparam Initialise string val parameter
newstringvarparam Initialise string var parameter
endstringvar Finalise string variable
endstringvalparam Finalise string val parameter
endstringvarparam Finalise string var parameter
returnstringvar Return string variable as result of funtion
returnstringvalparam Return string val parameter as result of funtion
returnstringvarparam Return string var parameter as result of funtion
c2s Convert character to singleton string
strindex Return nth character of a string
strlen Return length of a string
@ Concatenation
i2s Convert integer to string
i2hex Convert integer to hex string
strcmp Compare two strings and return value <, = or > 0 as appropriate.
Flow of control operations
; Sequential evaluation
| Parallel evaluation
if_then_else_ Alternative conditional evaluation
if_then_ Conditional evaluation
while_do_ Repetitive evaluation with precondition
repeat_until_ Repetitive evaluation with postcondition
forever Infinite repetitive evaluation
forseq_in_to_do_ Iterative sequential evaluation
foreach_in_do_ Iterate over array elements
forpar_do_ Iterative parallel evaluation
forparnum Iteration number for parallel evaluation
wait_until Suspend thread
exit Terminate program
atexit Register expression to be evaluated when program terminates
case_when_=>_ ... default_ Case statement with default
case_when_=>_ ... Case statement
Library support
use Use declarations from library
islib Empty library
Debugging support
is Name a block of code for the benefit of the debugger
tcl interface
tcl_cmd Pass a command to the tcl interpreter
tcl_cmd_noerr Pass a command to the tcl interpreter, and ignore any error
tcl_cmd_int Pass a command to the tcl interpreter and return an integer result
tcl_cmd_str Pass a command to the tcl interpreter and return a string result
rand Random number generator
assert_version Check version of toolkit being used
fatal Report error and terminate
Low-level operations
sizeof_type Size of type's representation
sizeof_var Size of variable's representation
sizeof_val Size of values's representation
peek Read randomly from within a variable
poke Write randomly to within a variable
cast Cast one type to another
Underlying concurrency operations
spawn Start concurrent thread
running Check if a thread is still running
yield Deschedule current thread
mytid TID of current thread
Possible thread prorities
priority Type of possible thread priorities
promote_waits Increase priority of threads from PRI_DEMWAIT to PRI_WAIT
setmypriority Set priority of current thread
setpriority Set priority of specified thread