Lard Interpreter li


The command line syntax for li is
	li [-notk] [ bcode_file|- [module]* ]
The -notk argument tells li not to call the tk graphics library's initialisation routines. This is necessary if you are running li in "batch mode", e.g. from a nohup script.

The next argument, if present, is the name of a bcode file to load into the bcode interpreter. Any other arguments are interpreted as the names of li modules to load.

If you want to load modules without specifying a bcode file, use - as the first argument, i.e.

	li - [module]*
After loading the bcode file and any modules li looks for the following tcl files and reads them if they exist:
(FILE is the basename of the bcode file, if any). These files allow you to perform per-user, per-project and per-file configuration.

Once all of this initialisation is complete li will display a prompt where you can type tcl commands to control the program.