Lard Interpreter li

bci module

The bci module is always loaded automatically. It provides commands to control the bcode interpreter. The following commands and variables are provided:

Name bci_filename
Class variable
Description Name of the bcode file currently loaded into the interpreter.

Name bci_basename
Class variable
Description Basename of the bcode file currently loaded into the interpreter (i.e. filename excluding the .bcode extension).

Name bci_load
Class command
Syntax bci_load filename
Description Load the specified file into the bcode interpreter.

Name bci_run
Class command
Syntax bci_run
Description Run the simulation. In command line mode the interpreter will run until the program terminates.

Name bci_reload
Class command
Syntax bci_reload
Description Load the file currently specified by bci_filename into the bcode interpreter.

Name bci_profile_on
Class command
Syntax bci_profile_on
Description Start recording profiling information for the currently loaded bcode file.

Name bci_profile_off
Class command
Syntax bci_profile_off
Description Stop recording profiling information and write the accumulated data to a profile.out file.

Name bci_debug
Class variable
Description Boolean variable which can be set to enable bcode debugging output, i.e. each instruction is displayed as it is executed.