Lard Interpreter li

li module

The li module is always loaded automatically. It provides commands to load other modules, and the quit command. The following commands and variables are provided:

Name li_require
Class command
Syntax li_require module
Description Locate the named module using li_load_path and load it if it is not already loaded.

Name li_startup_module
Class command
Syntax li_startup_module module
Description Indicates that the current module may only be loaded at startup, so an error message is generated if it is called at any other time. The module name is provided so that it can appear in the error message.

Name quit
Class command
Syntax quit
Description Terminate li.


If a new module called sprocket relies on the existing modules tview and selector and may only be loaded at startup, its could start with the following code:

	li_startup_module sprocket
	li_require tview
	li_require selector