Lard Execution Environment

Msg module

LARD programs can use the msg command to send diagnostics and other information to the user via the execution environment. The msg module provides various useful ways in which this information can be presented.

If the msg module is not loaded messages are send to standard output.

The msg module sorts messages according to the block from which they originate. In order to distinguish between different types of message it is therefore necessary to implement a block hierarchy in your design using the is command.

For each block that produces messages a button is displayed in the selector. This selects between the following behaviours for messages from that block:

Messages from this block are discarded.

Time View
Messages from this block are shown on a trace in the time view display as blobs and/or databoxes.

Messages from this block cause the simulation to stop and a dialog box to appear showing the message. The user can then choose to continue the simulation or stop.

Messages from this block are listed in the messages window.

Messages from this block are shown with the simulator's standard output in the input/output window.

The default behaviour for new blocks can be set using the Messages menu in the selector window.