Phil's Spanish Page

I'm trying to learn Spanish. Rather than actually sit down and learn my vocab I have wasted my time creating this web page. It's just like undergraduates who suddenly develop an interest in cleaning the kitchen for the first time ever when it's time to revise for exams. Ho-hum.

Anyway, what's here? The main thing is my verb conjugation tester which is a good way to learn verb endings while sat in front of the computer looking as if you are working! Also below you will find links to various internet Spanish resources. Have fun and let me know what you think.

Spanish Verb Tester

Test yourself with this online verb tester. Go there now!

Spanish Links

Here are a few assorted links to things that I have found. Let me know if you find more.

The Altavista Translation Service

Machine translation of documents between English and French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portugese. It will translate your own words or a whole web page. Use it to do your homework (but check the results!).

The Internet Dictionary Project

Online multilingual dictionary.

Human Languages Project - Spanish

Links to lots of Spanish resources.

Online Spanish Exercises

Test your Spanish grammar with these online exercises.

BBC News In Spanish

World News Headlines from the BBC in Spanish.
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