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Andrew Mundy

PhD Student
Room number: IT302

I'm a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester.

I'm supervised by Jim Garside and Steve Furber; my work looks at high-level abstractions for specifying, modelling and synthesising circuits with heterogeneous timing paradigms. It's very early days!


I gained a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Newcastle University in 2012, and then moved to Manchester.

My final year undergraduate project (supervised by Terrence Mak) was published as Large-Scale On-Chip Dynamic Programming Network Inferences using Moderated Inter-Core Communication , and I won the "Microelectronics Award" from Newcastle University for the work.

I won the 2011/2012 IET North East Region Student Poster Competition (Talk Section) against representatives of Northumbria University and the University of Durham.

TeX / LaTeX / TikZ

Elsewhere Online

I (occasionally) blog on the themes of programming, TeX and TikZ; which may be of interest.

As a cyclist, you can also find me on Strava, where I do not look fast or skilled.

Obligatory LinkedIn and GitHub.