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Mohsen Ghasempour

PhD Candidate
Room number: IT302

I am a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. I have been with APT Group since September 2011, Supervised by Mikel Lujan and Jim Garside.


Sep 2011-May 2015 (Expected end)    PhD in Computer Science, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Sep 2010-Aug 2011    MSc. Microelectronics, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
2002-2007    BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, IRAN

Research interest

  • Computer architecture
  • Inteligent memory controller architecture
  • Reconfigurable and FPGA-based system
  • Electronic hardware design.
  • Parallel processing.


  • Academic
    • Nov 2012 until now Research Assistant at University of Manchester (Part Time)

    • Sep 2011 until now    Teaching assistant and Laboratory demonstrator of following courses:
        Fundamental of Computer Engineering
        System-On-Chip Modelling with SystemC
  • Industrial
    • 2005-2010 (Full Time & Part Time)    Electronic Engineer, Iran Tazrigh Pump (ITP Co.), Tehran, IRAN
    • 2006-2010 (Part Time)    Injection and Treatment Parsian International Co., Tehran, IRAN


  • ARMOR: A Hardware Solution to Prevent Row Hammer Error in DRAMs.

      ARMOR (A Run-time Memory hot-row detectOR) is a hardware-solution to prevent Row-Hammer Error in DRAMs. Row hammering in DRAMs can occur when a specific wordline of a DRAM cell is activated repeatedly within a refresh interval. In this situation the neighboring cells leak charge at a faster rate than expected. Thus, the retention time of such cells becomes less than refresh cycle (e.g. 64 ms) which means that these cells may lose their data (charge) before the refresh happens. (Learn More)

  • AXLE (Advanced Analytics for Extremely Large European Databases) (Link).

      The objectives of the AXLE project are to greatly improve the speed and quality of decision making on real-world data sets.
      AXLE is aimed for use on databases with these characteristics:

      • Important
      • Highly Secure
      • Complex
      • Standardised/Widely Used
      • Extremely Large


  • M. Ghasempour, Jonathan Heathcote, Javier Navaridas, Luis A. Plana, J. Garside and M. Lujan "Accelerating Interconnect Analysis using High-Level HDLs and Reconfigurable Hardware - SpiNNaker as a Case Study" to be appeared in IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2015.

  • Oriol Arcas Abella, Geoffrey Ndu, Nehir Sonmez,Mohsen Ghasempour,Adria Armejach, Javier Navaridas, Wei Song, John Mawer, Adrian Cristal, and Mikel Lujan. An empirical evaluation of high-level synthesis languages and tools for database acceleration. In Proc. of International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL), Munich, Germany, 2014. (Download PDF).

  • Mohsen Ghasempour, Mikel Lujan and Jim Garside, "SoC Simulator on FPGA using Bluespec System verilog" in UK Electronics Forum (UKEF), Newcastle, United Kingdom, 2012. (Download PDF).

  • Mohsen Ghasempour, Delong Shang, Fei Xia and Alex Yakovlev, "Ultra-Low Power Transmitter" in IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Seoul, Korea, 2012. (Download Link).

Awards & Grants

  • Best Presentation Award,"Title: Performance Improvement of SDRAMs using Dynamic Address Re-Mapping and On-The-Fly Data Migration" At the University of Manchester, School of Computer Science, Postgraduate Research Symposium, 2013

  • Full PhD studentship, University of Manchester, School of Computer Science, 2011.

Event attended

  • 8th International Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems (ACACES), Fiuggi, ITALY, 2012.