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About GALAXY (see also main GALAXY website: www.galaxy-project.org)

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GALAXY Work Package:

GALAXY project is planned to run for 36 months. The work performed in the framework of this project is organized in nine different work packages with expected significant synergy between them. Four major activities are covered by the planned work packages. First activity is management and dissemination that will be covered for the whole duration of the project. Second activity is dedicated to analysis, optimization and evaluation of GALS methods and architectures. Third activity is related to design flow of GALS systems and integrates activities covered by work packages 4 (Architecture for interoperability with external tools) and 5 (GALS Integrated Design Environment). Finally, fourth activity that includes WP3 (Development of GALS IP Library) and WP8 (GALS System Design and Evaluation), is oriented towards practical application of GALS methodology and should be based on results achieved in second and third activity.

WP1: Project Management

WP2: GALS Interface Evaluation and Application Scenario

WP3: Development of GALS IP Library

WP4: Architecture for Interoperability with External Tools

WP5: GALS Integrated Design Environment

WP6: Application of GALS to NoC Environment

WP7: Evaluating Advantages of GALS-based Design for Nanoscale Integrated Circuit Fabrication

WP8: GALS System Design and Evaluation

WP9: Dissemination