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Research in Machine Learning, Managed Runtime Environments and Parallelisation

intelligent Thread Level Speculation (iTLS) project

[Jamaica Project (predecessor)]

This website describes our research activities on a recently started project. We are collaborating with investigators in the University of Edinburgh.


The present and future of processor architectures has been confirmed as multi-core (e.g. Intel's and AMD's dual core and quad core chips or Sun Microsystems's Niagara). Multicore processors set a new precedent for software developers: software will need to be multithreaded to take advantage of future generations of processors. Now more than ever, it is critical that we codevelop concurrent software abstractions and computer architectures.

In a Nutshell

We are exploring how we can take existing applications that run on runtime managed environments (e.g. Java Virtual Machines) and optimise their execution on current and future multi-core architectures. A key element is parallelisation, but we are also interested in other opportunities.


This project is funded by EPSRC.

Project Members