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Ian Watson: publications

  1. TERAFLUX: Harnessing dataflow in next generation teradevices
  2. Software transactional memories for Scala
  3. Architectural Support for Exploiting Fine Grain Parallelism
  4. A case for Exiting a Transaction in the Context of Hardware Transactional Memory
  5. SnCTM: Reducing False Transaction Aborts by Adaptively Changing the Source of Conflict Detection
  6. Scalable Object-Aware Hardware Transactional Memory
  7. Clustering JVMs with Software Transactional Memory Support
  8. Improving Performance by Reducing Aborts in Hardware Transactional Memory
  9. On the Performance of Contention Managers for Complex Transactional Memory Benchmarks
  10. Profiling Transactional Memory Applications
  11. Steal-on-Abort: Improving Transactional Memory Performance through Dynamic Transaction Reordering
  12. An Object-Aware Hardware Transactional Memory System
  13. Constraint Based Optimization of Stationary Fields
  14. Adaptive Loop Tiling for a Multi-cluster CMP
  15. Intelligent selection of application-specific garbage collectors
  16. A Study of a Transactional Parallel Routing Algorithm
  17. Towards Intelligent Analysis Techniques for Object Pretenuring
  18. Optimizing Chip Multiprocessor Work Distribution using Dynamic Compilation
  19. Branch Prediction with Bayesian Networks
  20. Supporting Higher Order Virtualization
  21. Loop Parallelisation for the Jikes RVM
  22. An Automatic Runtime DOALL Loop Parallelisation Optimization for Java
  23. A RISC Hardware Platform for Low Power Java.
  24. Exploiting Implicit Parallelism in Functional Programs with SLAM.
  25. A two dimensional vector architecture for multimedia.
  26. Dynamic Java threads on the Jamaica single-chip multiprocessor.
  27. VLSI architecture using lightweight threads (VAULT) - choosing the instruction set architecture.