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Area Efficient Asynchronous SDM Routers Using 2-Stage Clos Switches

Wei Song, Doug Edwards, Jim Garside, William J. Bainbridge.


Asynchronous on-chip networks are good candidates for multi-core applications requiring low-power consumption. Asynchronous spatial division multiplexing (SDM) routers provide better throughput with lower area overhead than asynchronous virtual channel routers; however, the area overhead of SDM routers is still significant due to their high-radix central switches. A new 2-stage Clos switch is proposed to reduce the area overhead of asynchronous SDM routers. It is shown that replacing the crossbars with the 2-stage Clos switches can significantly reduce the area overhead of SDM routers when more than two virtual circuits are used. The saturation throughput is slightly reduced but the area to throughput efficiency is improved. Using Clos switches increases the energy consumption of switches but the energy of buffers is reduced.

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