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The OMI/ATOM Project

The OMI/ATOM-ARM (The Open Microprocessor systems Initiative - Applications in Telecommunications for OMI Macrocells (ATOM) project - ESPRIT project 23031) ...

The AMULET group at Manchester University is an active participant in this project. Following the development of the AMULET2e microprocessor, AMULET is developing the AMULET3 microprocessor and AMULET3i asynchronous "island" as part of a commercial project.

OMI/ATOM Participants

ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) Ltd.
ARM are a UK based silicon design house specialising in microprocessors and their support ICs.
ARM is the coordinating partner in this project.
A German electronics firm, primarily concerned with the manufacture of mobile communications systems.
Manchester University
The APT group.
OptionExist Ltd.
Virata Ltd.