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Introductions to Asynchronous Logic

"The Return of Asynchronous Logic", by S.B. Furber

An Introduction to Asynchronous Circuit Design (Postscript) by Al Davis and Steve Nowick


Tutorial: Introduction to Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (PostScript)

Some references to early asynchronous machines (ASCII) (1994)

Asynchronous Design Methodologies: An Overview (PDF) (1995)

Testing Asynchronous Circuits: A Survey (PostScript) (1994)

Three disciplines for the design of asynchronous circuits (1996)

The Systematic Design of Asynchronous Circuits (Compressed PostScript) (1995)

Scanning the Technology: Applications of Asynchronous Circuits (PDF) (1999)

Asynchronous Logic: Who Let The Clocks Out? (2005)


EDIS - EUT's Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems (1998)

Clockless - an asynchronous circuits wiki (2006)

Examples of the Art

This section contains some samples of asynchronous logic designs. It is necessarily selective but the primary criterion has been to provide a variety of designs which are accessible via the WWW.

The First Asynchronous Microprocessor The AMULET2e microprocessor
TITAC-2 Caltech Asynchronous Digital Filter
Synthesised 8051 NULL Convention Logic (NCL)
Home-brew Asynchronous processing Asynchronous CAD Tools

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