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The UK Asynchronous Forum

Purpose: an informal 1-day meeting where those working in asynchronous design in the UK (and particularly research students) can meet to present and discuss ideas.

NB: not restricted to, but optimised for, UK participants.

Position: complementary to the ACiD (Europe) and international async. conference; lower cost to permit wider access for less developed ideas. The event is run in cooperation with ACiD-WG (IST-1999-29119).

Frequency: Annually, usually the first week of september

Location: peripatetic - moving round the UK.


    day 1: am travel; pm meet; evening dinner.
    day 2: am meet; pm travel;
Proceedings: a bound copy of the submitted abstracts will be supplied to each registered attendee.

Programme: a panel to choose presentations from abstracts submitted in advance.

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