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16th UK Asynchronous Forum Programme

Day 1 Monday, 6th September 2004

13:00 		Registration

14:00 		Design and Evaluation of a Network-based Asynchronous
		L. Dilparic and D.K. Arvind, University of Edinburgh

14:30		Using Early Data Validity for Synthesis of Asynchronous
		N. Gupta and D.A. Edwards, University of Manchester

15:00 		Electromagnetic Analysis of Synchronous and Asynchronous
		Circuits using Hard Disc Heads
		A.T. Markettos and S.Moore
		University of Cambridge

15:30 Coffee

16:00 		A Simulation Methodology for Electromagnetic Analysis and
		Testing on Synchronous and Asynchronous Processors
		H. Li, S. Moore and A.T.Markettos
		University of Cambridge

16:30 		Protecting Cryptographic Devices from Differential Power Analysis
		J.P. Murphy, D. Sokolov, A. Bystrov and A. Yakovlev,
		University of Newcastle

17:00 		Security Investigations on an Asynchronous PLA Configuration
		P. Oikonomakos and S. Moore,
		University of Cambridge

17:30 		Presentations by attendees

18:00 		Business meeting

19:30 		Forum Dinner

Day 2 Tuesday, 7th September 2004

09:15           Delivering Asynchronous Design Advantages to Mainstream Designers:
		FTL Systems' Merlin(tm) Tool Suite,
		J. Willis, D. Soderberg, R. Betcher, S. Suribhotla, FTL Systems (USA and UK)
		R. Jorgenson, Theseus Logic (USA)

09:45           Concurrency in Synchronous Systems
		D. Potop-Butucaru, B. Caillaud and A. Benveniste,
		IRISA, Rennes, France

10:15           Wrappers That Weaken DI Processes
		H.K. Kapoor and M.B. Josephs, London South Bank University

10:45 Coffee

11:15           Investigation on Asynchronous Petri Nets Design and Implementation
		Using Verilog HDL
		H.S. Low and P.D.Minns, University of Northumbria

11:45           Design of an Asynchronous Sequence Generator with Dynamically
		Loadable Count Ratio
                Y. Zhou and A. Yakovlev, University of Newcastle

12:15           Modelling Level-Crossing Sampling  Asynchronous AD Converter
		J. Zhu and E.G. Chester, University of Newcastle

12:45           Close

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