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The EUT asynchronous BiBTeX database is available here.
A search engine is available at the University of Karlsruhe.

A copy of this is available in something called "EndNote" format, courtesy of Ran Ginosar.

EUT also maintain a scrapbook of articles and press cuttings.


EDIS - EUT's Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems.

Bibliography on atomicity.

Bibliography on metastability.

Online Archives

Asynchronous Conference Series
(Requires IEEE Computer Society login for full download)

APT Group publications


Hardware Design and Petri Nets
Editors: A. Yakovlev, L. Gomes, L. Lavagno
Kluwer Academic Publishers, March 2000, Hardcover ISBN 0-7923-7791-5, 344 pp

Principles of Asynchronous Circuit Design - A Systems Perspective
Editors: Jens Sparsø and Steve Furber
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001, Hardcover ISBN 0-7923-7613-7
Chapters 1-8 are available for download.

Concurrency and Hardware Design
Editors: Jordi Cortadella, Alex Yakovlev and Grzegorz Rozenberg
Springer-Verlag (LNCS 2549, 345 pp.), 2002, ISBN: 3-540-00199-9, (EUR 49,-)

Logic Synthesis of Asynchronous Controllers and Interfaces
J. Cortadella and M. Kishinevsky and A. Kondratyev and L. Lavagno and A. Yakovlev
Springer (245 pp.), 2002, ISBN 3-540-43152-7, (EUR 79.95)

Asynchronous Circuit Design
Chris J. Myers
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (404 pages), ISBN 0-471-41543-X

Synchronization and Arbitration in Digital Systems
David J. Kinniment, Alex Yaklovlev
Wiley (280pp,), December 2007, ISBN: 978-0-470-51082-7, (EUR97.50 Hardcover)

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