JavaTM Application Isolation API Specification (JSR-121)
December 16, 2002
First Public Review Draft

The Application Isolation API specification.


java.lang.isolate Provides for the creation and management of isolated applications.
java.nio.channels Provides the LinkChannel class, a selectable channel for java.lang.isolate.Link.
java.util.prefs Provides the TransientPreferences class to hold transient contextual settings.


The Application Isolation API specification.

All classes defined by this spec are in the java.lang.isolate package except java.util.prefs.TransientPreferences. Although class java.nio.channels.LinkChannel, method java.lang.isolate.Link#getChannel and some exception behavior related to class LinkChannel are mentioned here, these constitute a proposal for a future extension of java.nio facilities via a separate JSR and are not part of this formal specification. A brown font is used to mark proposal text.

The proper starting point for reviewing this specification is the java.lang.isolate package documentation.

J2ME Subset Proposals

Proposed J2ME subsetting information is embedded in the javadoc as well as being defined in the signature lists below. These proposed subsets are currently purely informational for review purposes only and do not constitute a part of this specification.

Two tags related to proposed J2ME subsets are present in the javadoc and result in the following notices:

The list below shows all API signatures of classes and methods that are optional in some J2ME profiles together with designation of any configurations, profiles, or optional packages for which the element is required.

The class java.nio.channels.LinkChannel and method java.lang.isolate.Isolate.getChannel would not be required to be present in J2ME implementations if they become part of a future version of the java.nio APIs and thus have a formal relationship with the JSR-121 specification.