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APT research areas

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Asynchronous processor projects

The group is involved in a number of asynchronous processor projects. (Amulet, Cadre, JASPA, SPA)


Amulet Processors

Since 1990 the AMULET group has been developing processors. This includes a series ARM-compatible general purpose asynchronous processors. The AMULET3 is the latest version.

Low Power Digital Signal Processing

CADRE Processor

CADRE is an asynchronous embedded DSP for Mobile Phone Applications.

Java Accelerator

JASPA Processor

Research is being carried out in the APT group to try and improve the execution speed of Java programs in embedded systems, with low memory requirements, by adding hardware support for Java execution.

Synthesised Processor Architectures

SPA Processor

Using a combination of commercial and self created tools, the group has designed the SPA processor. SPA forms part of two smart card projects to exploit the benefits of asynchronous design in security applications. The SPA processor forms part of the JASPA Java accelerator processor.