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The Advanced Processor Technologies Group - News and Notices


Portfolio award
Since April 2003 the bulk of group funding has been guaranteed by a 5-year EPSRC "Portfolio Partnership Award."
BCS award
The group designed Amulet 1 asynchronous CPU won a BCS award.

Tool News

Balsa version 3.5
May 2006 - New release of the Balsa asynchronous design and synthesis tool.
GTKWave 2.0.0pre5
May 2004 - Latest release of GTKWave.
LARD version 2.0.14
January 2002 - Release of LARD version 2.0.14.
PCB Design Software
October 2001 - MUCS PCB version 3.0.1.

Company News

Autumn 2000 - Start-up formed from a research group predecessor to the APT group.
In December 2003 Silistix Limited was formed to commercialise self-timed Network-on-Chip technology developed within the APT group.