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The Advanced Processor Technologies Group

The APT research group is pioneering new hardware and software technologies for a wide range of topics. The main areas of research are listed below (see here for a complete list).

Asynchronous Processors

Amulet 1/2/3, SPA, CADRE, JASPA
Amulet Processors

Award winning designs for asynchronous processors, processors with low RF noise for smartcards, low-power DSPs, Java acceleration for processors.

Chip Multi-Processors

Jamaica Processor

The Jamaica project is concerned with the design and simulation of next generation chip multi-processors. On a high-performance parallel simulator, processor design, operating system, compiler and dynamic compiler optimisations are considered.

Design tools


Tools developed by the group for system synthesis, simulation, verification and testing.

On-chip interconnect

MARBLE, CHAIN, Network Modelling, QoS, GALS
The Marble Bus

Self-timed buses and delay-insensitive networks for SoC (System-on-Chip) interconnection.

Large-scale neural network hardware

Sparse Distributed Memory

The "SpiNNaker" project is developing a hardware system capable of simulating up to a billion neurons in real time. The focus of this work is "Neural Systems Engineering" - understanding how robust high-performance computing systems can be built from unreliable component neurons

Low power design


The APT group has a wide interest in low power VLSI design of synchronous and asynchronous circuits.