The summarisebundles program may be used to compress the output of the bundles program, but even so its output can be very long winded since it retains all the information produced by the bundle checker, reporting every error detected. This program is designed to filter the output of summarisebundles and produce an even more concise summary. To do this some information is thrown away, and only the worst violation on each signal or bus for each type of error is reported.

The headers indicating the context of the error processing and the activity time statistics produced by the bundle checker are also included in the output of this program.


              supersumb [infile]

Input Files

The name of the file containing the output of the summarisebundles program. This filename is optional. If it is not given input is read from stdin, making it easy to pass the output of summarisebundles direct into supersumb through a pipe.

Output Files

Output is written to stdout. Errors are logged on stderr.

The output format is very similar to that of summarisebundles, except that it is clearly indicated that only the worst violations are reported for each signal.

Implementation Language

Perl release 5.001d or greater.

Copyright and Licence

The copyright and any intellectual property rights associated with this work are retained by the author and the University of Manchester, but permission is granted to freely copy, distribute, modify and use this software under certain conditions, as described in the Artistic Licence (with the deletion of clause 8). This licence is obtained from the Perl distribution.

Source Code

Subject to the licensing arrangements described above, the source code may be obtained from

     PROJECT LOGO This software was developed as part of the OMI HORN project at the University of Manchester Department of Computer Science, funded as part of the European Union ESPRIT initiative (project number 7249).

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