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Asynchronous Bibliography Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used in the bibtex database:
@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }
@COMMENT{                        Predefined journals                           }
@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }

@STRING{cacm = "Communications of the ACM"}
@STRING{dc   = "Distributed Computing"}
@STRING{eatcs= "Bull. EATCS"}
@STRING{el   = "Electronics Letters"}
@STRING{fmsd = "Formal Methods in System Design"}
@STRING{faoc = "Formal Aspects of Computing"}
@STRING{ieicetf = "IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics
                   Communications and Computer Sciences"}
@STRING{ieicetis= "IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems"}
@STRING{ieepcds = "IEE Proceedings, Circuits, Devices and Systems"}
@STRING{ieepcdt = "IEE Proceedings, Computers and Digital Techniques"}
@STRING{ieeedt  = "IEEE Design \& Test of Computers"}
@STRING{ieeejssc= "IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits"}
@STRING{ieeeproc= "Proceedings of the IEEE"}
@STRING{ieeetas = "IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity"}
@STRING{ieeetc  = "IEEE Transactions on Computers"}
@STRING{ieeetcad= "IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design"}
@STRING{ieeetcsi= "IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I:
                   Fundamental Theory and Applications"}
@STRING{ieeetec = "IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers"}
@STRING{ieeetsp = "IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing"}
@STRING{ieeevlsi= "IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems"}
@STRING{ieeemicro="IEEE Micro"}
@STRING{integration= "Integration, the VLSI journal"}
@STRING{ije  = "Int. Journal Electronics"}
@STRING{ipl  = "Information Processing Letters"}
@STRING{jacm = "Journal of the ACM"}
@STRING{jetta= "Journal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications"}
@STRING{jcss = "Journal of Computer and System Sciences"}
@STRING{tcca = "IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Architecture Newsletter"}
@STRING{tcs  = "Theoretical Computer Science"} 
@STRING{vlsisp= "Journal of VLSI Signal Processing"}

@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }
@COMMENT{                       Predefined publishers                          }
@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }

@STRING{ap   = "Academic Press"}
@STRING{aw   = "Addison-Wesley"} 
@STRING{csp  = "Computer Science Press"}
@STRING{cwi  = "CWI"}   
@STRING{esp  = "Elsevier Science Publishers"}
@STRING{icsp = "IEEE Computer Society Press"}
@STRING{ieee = "IEEE Press"}
@STRING{ios  = "IOS Press"}
@STRING{kap  = "Kluwer Academic Publishers"}
@STRING{mit  = "MIT Press"}
@STRING{ph   = "Prentice-Hall"}
@STRING{springer= "Springer-Verlag"}
@STRING{wiley= "John Wiley \& Sons"}

@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }
@COMMENT{                       Predefined institutions                        }
@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }

@STRING{caltech= "California Institute of Technology"}
@STRING{eut  = "Dept. of Math. and C.S., Eindhoven Univ. of Technology"}
@STRING{southbank= "School of Computing, Information Systems and
  Mathematics, South Bank University, London"}
@STRING{su   = "Stanford University"}
@STRING{sucsl   = "Computer Systems Laboratory, Stanford University"}
@STRING{mucs = "Manchester University, Dept. of Computer Science"}
@STRING{berk="University of California, Berkeley, USA"}
@STRING{nclcl="University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Computing Laboratory"}

@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }
@COMMENT{                       Predefined series                              }
@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }

@STRING{csn  = "Computing Science Notes"}
@STRING{ifip = "IFIP Transactions"}
@STRING{lncs = "Lecture Notes in Computer Science"}
@STRING{mctracts= "Mathematical Centre Tracts"}
@STRING{wic  = "Workshops in Computing"}

@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }
@COMMENT{               Predefined conference proceedings                      }
@COMMENT{ ==================================================================== }

@STRING{acsd  = "Int. Conf. on Application of Concurrency to System Design"}
@STRING{adm   = "Asynchronous Design Methodologies"}
@STRING{apchdl= "Asia-Pacific Conference on Hardware Description Languages
@STRING{arvlsi= "Advanced Research in VLSI"}
@STRING{aspdac= "Proc. of Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference"}
@STRING{async = "Proc. International Symposium on Advanced Research in
                 Asynchronous Circuits and Systems"}
@STRING{cav   = "Proc. International Workshop on Computer Aided Verification"}
@STRING{custom= "Proc. IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference"}
@STRING{dac   = "Proc. ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference"}
@STRING{date  = "Proc. Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE)"}
@STRING{dcc   = "Designing Correct Circuits"}
@STRING{edac  = "Proc. European Conference on Design Automation (EDAC)"}
@STRING{edtc  = "Proc. European Design and Test Conference"}
@STRING{eurodac="Proc. European Design Automation Conference (EURO-DAC)"}
@STRING{esscirc="Proc. European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC)"}
@STRING{ftcs  = "International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing (FTCS)"}
@STRING{glsvlsi="Proc. of the Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI"}
@STRING{hicss = "Proc. Hawaii International Conf. System Sciences"}
@STRING{iccad = "Proc. International Conf. Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD)"}
@STRING{iccd  = "Proc. International Conf. Computer Design (ICCD)"}
@STRING{icpp  = "Proc. International Conference on Parallel Processing"}
@STRING{iscas = "Proc. International Symposium on Circuits and Systems"}
@STRING{ishls = "Proc. International Symposium on High-Level Synthesis"}
@STRING{isscc = "International Solid State Circuits Conference"}
@STRING{itc   = "Proc. International Test Conference"}
@STRING{ivlsi = "Proc. International Conference on VLSI Design"}
@STRING{iwls  = "Proc. International Workshop on Logic Synthesis"}
@STRING{midwest="Proc. of the Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems"}
@STRING{patmos= "Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation (PATMOS)"}
@STRING{prorisc="Proc. of the {IEEE/ProRISC} Symposium on Circuits,
                 Systems and Signal Processing"}
@STRING{ssat  = "Annual Symposium on Switching and Automata Theory"}
@STRING{tau   = "Proc. International Workshop on Timing Issues in the
                 Specification and Synthesis of Digital Systems (TAU)"}
@STRING{vts   = "Proc. IEEE VLSI Test Symposium"}

@STRING{ta = "(To appear)"}