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  1. Furber, S.B.; Galluppi, F.; Temple, S.; Plana, L.A
    The SpiNNaker Project
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    DOI-Link Abstract IEEE Copyright

  2. Steve B. Furber, David R. Lester, Luis A. Plana, Jim D. Garside, Eustace Painkras,
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    DOI-Link Abstract IEEE Copyright

  3. Eustace Painkras, Luis A. Plana, Jim Garside, Steve Temple, Francesco Galluppi, Cameron Patterson, David R. Lester, Andrew D. Brown and Steve Furber.
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    DOI-Link Abstract

  5. Steve Furber
    TO BUILD A BRAIN-Getting to the bottom of how our brains work is a monumental task,
    but some innovative computational tricks and a million ARM processors could help.
    IEEE Spectrum, Vol. 49, No.8, pp. 44-49, Aug 2012
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  6. Daniel Goodman and Behram Khan and Salman Khan and Mikel Luján and Ian Watson
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    DOI-Link Abstract

  7. Martin Grymel, Steve B. Furber
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    DOI-Link Abstract PDF (186K) IEEE Copyright

  8. Sen Bhattacharya, B.; Furber, S.
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