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Tomaz Felicijan

Postgraduate Student

Room number: IT-302
Tel.: +44 161 275 6844
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I joined AMULET Group in January 2002 as an EPSRC funded Ph.D. student on GALS project under the supervision of professor Steve Furber.

My research topic is Quality of Service (QoS) for Asynchronous On-Chip Networks. Currently I'm trying to develop an interconnect architecture that will provide a mechanism for end-to-end QoS connections in an asynchronous on-chip network. Since there is no global clock present in a system I'm looking for new methods to dedicate channel bandwidth.
In my first year I also conducted research on An Asynchronous Ternary Logic Signalling System. The basic idea is to transmit a single bit of data in delay-insensitive manner over a single wire with a use of three-level logic. Hopefully you will be able to read more about it in the IEEE journal, Transactions on VLSI Systems, where the research is currently under reviewing for publication.