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Dynamic Logic in Four-Phase Micropipelines

S. B. Furber and J. Liu


Micropipelines are self-timed pipelines with characteristics that suggest they may be applicable to low-power circuits. They were originally designed with two-phase control, but four-phase control appears to offer benefits for CMOS implementations.

In low-power applications static circuit behaviour is desirable since it allows activity to cease (and hence power to be saved) without loss of state. However, dynamic circuits offer the benefits of increased speed and lower switched capacitance. Therefore low-power designs often employ dynamic logic with additional latches or charge-retention circuits to give pseudo-static behaviour. These additions increase the cost and power consumption of the dynamic circuits, thereby compromising their potential advantages.

Circuits are proposed in this paper that allow dynamic logic to operate efficiently within a four-phase micropipeline framework without the above-mentioned encumbrances whilst still retaining externally static behaviour.

PDF (44K). IEEE Copyright