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Delay Insensitive System-on-Chip Interconnect using 1-of-4 Data Encoding

W.J.Bainbridge and S.B.Furber


The demands of System-on-Chip (SoC) interconnect increasingly cannot be satisfied through the use of a shared bus. A common alternative, using unidirectional, point-to-point connections and multiplexers, results in much greater area requirements and still suffers from some of the same problems.

This paper introduces a delay-insensitive, asynchronous approach to interconnect over long paths using 1-of-4 encoded channels switched through multiplexers. A re-implementation of the MARBLE SoC bus (as used in the AMULET3H chip) using this technique shows that it can provide a higher throughput than the simpler tristate bus while using a narrower datapath.

PDF (644K).