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The AMULET2e Cache System

J.D. Garside, S. Temple, R. Mehra


AMULET2e is an asynchronous microprocessor system based on the AMULET2 processor core. In addition to the processor it incorporates a number of distinct subsystems, the most notable of which is an asynchronous on-chip cache. This includes several novel features which exploit the asynchronous design style to increase throughput and reduce power consumption.

These features are evident at a number of levels in the design. For example, the cache is micropipelined to increase its throughput, at the architectural level there is an arbitration free non-blocking line fetch mechanism while at the circuit design level there is a power-saving RAM sense amplifier control circuit.

A significant property of the cache system is its ability to cycle in a data dependent way which allows the system to approach average case performance.

PDF (135K). IEEE Copyright