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AsipIDE GALS Design and Co-Simulation Framework
Bringing together design and simulation tools in a GALS hardware-software-FPGA co-debugging flow

Developed as part of the EU-funded Framework 7 GALAXY project.

Keywords: GALS Design Tools, GALS EDA Tools, Galaxy-IDE, AsipIDE, ASIP-IDE

AsipIDE is a graphical design front-end able to control any existing compilation, simulation or synthesis tool to form complete design flows.

In addition to providing hierarchical and multi-abstraction design entry, input files can be generated or converted to the required formats, co-simulation is possible, and output files such as trace files can be analysed for debugging within the graphical environment.

Our framework also encourages an iterative design style where modules are iteratively refined from high-level software simulation to hardware circuits.

It is based on the following key ideas:

  • Allowing components at any levels of abstraction and any description languages to be simulated seamlessly together, with an automatic generation of the co-simulation interfaces.
  • Being an extensible platform allowing the integration of any existing tools.
  • Open-source tools, in particular, can be brought together as complete tool flows.
  • Thanks to the integration of University of Bologna's XPipes, networks on chip can also be graphically designed, inspected and optimised.
  • Guiding users in the design of GALS systems, by automating the suggestion and placement of GALS adapters, and by making debugging and optimizations through simulation easier thanks to advanced visualization techniques.

Download AsipIDE

December 12, 2010: First main release! AsipIDE version 1.0

Read Section 2 of the manual for installation details.

September 17, 2010: Beta release, AsipIDE version 1.0 Beta 5

August 22, 2010: Beta release, AsipIDE version 1.0 Beta 4

July 8, 2010: Beta release, AsipIDE version 1.0 Beta 3

July 2, 2010: Beta release, AsipIDE version 1.0 Beta 2

May 28, 2010: First release! AsipIDE version 1.0 Beta 1

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Our Bugzilla bug report system is available at http://solem.cs.man.ac.uk/.

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GALs interfAce for compleX digital sYstem integration European Commission - The Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013), Objective ICT-2007.3.3: Embedded System Design