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Doug Edwards: publications

  1. De-Elastisation: From Asynchronous Dataflows to Synchronous Circuits
  2. Optimised Synthesis of Asynchronous Elastic Dataflows by Leveraging Clocked EDA
  3. Automatic data path extraction in large-scale register-transfer level designs
  4. Statistical Analysis Model of Nano-CMOS Variability with Intra-die Correlation Due to Proximity
  5. Computational Performance Optimisation for Statistical Analysis of the Effect of Nano-CMOS Variability on Integrated Circuits
  6. Self-Timed Section Carry Based Carry Lookahead Adders and the Concept of Alias Logic
  7. Redundant Logic Insertion and Latency Reduction in Self-Timed Adders
  8. Critical path analysis in data-driven asynchronous pipelines
  9. Survey of asynchronous networks-on-chip. (In Chinese)
  10. Area Efficient Asynchronous SDM Routers Using 2-Stage Clos Switches
  11. Routing of Asynchronous Clos Networks
  12. Indicating combinational logic decomposition
  13. Asynchronous spatial division multiplexing router
  14. Description-level optimisation of synthesisable asynchronous circuits
  15. Asynchronous Data-Driven Circuit Synthesis
  16. An Asynchronous Routing Algorithm for Clos Networks
  17. A Complete Synthesis Method for Block-Level Relaxation in Self-Timed Datapaths
  18. Self-Timed Realization of Combinational Logic
  19. M-of-N Code Decomposition for Indicating Combinational Logic
  20. Computation Reduction for Statistical Analysis of the Effect of nano-CMOS Variability on Asynchronous Circuits
  21. Integrated Design Environment for Reconfigurable HPC
  22. A low latency wormhole router for asynchronous on-chip networks
  23. LLA: A low-latency asynchronous control with applications
  24. Building Asynchronous Routers with Independent Sub-Channels
  25. A Synthesisable Quasi-Delay Insensitive Result Forwarding Unit for an Asynchronous Processor
  26. Heterogeneously encoded dual-bit self-timed adder
  27. Teak: A Token-Flow Implementation for the Balsa Language
  28. HPAP: A High Performance Control Circuit for Asynchronous Pipeline Design
  29. Asynchronous Data-Driven Circuit Synthesis
  30. Prime Indicants: A Synthesis Method for Indicating Combinational Logic Blocks
  31. Dual-Sum Single-Carry Self-Timed Adder Designs
  32. Adaptive Stochastic Routing in Fault-tolerant On-chip Network
  33. Forward and Backward Guarding in Early Output Logic
  34. Self-Timed Full Adder Designs based on Hybrid Input Encoding
  35. Power, Delay and Area Efficient Self-Timed Multiplexer and Demultiplexer Designs
  36. A delay efficient robust self-timed full adder
  37. Automatic Compilation of Data-Driven Circuits
  38. Efficient realization of strongly indicating function blocks
  39. A new design technique for weakly indicating function blocks
  40. Adaptive routing strategies for fault-tolerant on-chip networks in dynamically reconfigurable systems
  41. Performance-driven syntax-directed synthesis of asynchronous processors
  42. CSP Transactors for Asynchronous Transaction Level Modeling and IP Reuse
  43. Speeding Up Verilog Gate-Level Simulation with Bi-Partitioning
  44. Low power synthesis of XOR-XNOR intensive combinational logic
  45. Synthesis of Power and Delay optimized NIG structures
  46. A Framework for Distributed Simulation for Asynchronous Handshake Circuits
  47. Synthesising Heterogeneously Encoded Systems
  48. Test Pattern Generation and Partial-Scan Methodology for an Asynchronous SoC Interconnect.
  49. Attacking Control Overhead to Improve Synthesised Asynchronous Circuit Performance.
  50. Software Visualisation Techniques Adapted and Extended for Asynchronous Hardware Design.
  51. DiSigncryption: An Integration of Agent-based Signature Delegation with Distributed Reputation Management Scheme.
  52. Asynchronous On-Chip Networks.
  53. Efficient Synthesis of Speed Independent Combinational Logic Circuits
  54. Synthesis of Asynchronous Circuits using Early Data Validity.
  55. Adding Testability to an Asynchronous Interconnect for GALS SoC.
  56. Automatic Scan Insertion and Pattern Generation for Asynchronous Circuits
  57. Simulation and Analysis of Synthesised Asynchronous Circuits
  58. Delay-Insensitive, Point-to-Point Interconnect using m-of-n codes
  59. A Burst-Mode Oriented Back-End for the Balsa Synthesis System
  60. Balsa: An Asynchronous Hardware Synthesis Language
  61. Towards a Framework for the Distributed Simulation of Asynchronous Hardware
  62. Synthesising an asynchronous DMA controller with Balsa
  63. AMULET3: a 100 MIPS Asynchronous Embedded Processor
  64. The Balsa Asynchronous Circuit Synthesis System
  65. AMULET3i - an Asynchronous System-on-Chip
  66. Compiling the Language Balsa to Delay Insensitive Hardware.
  67. Tools for Validating Asynchronous Digital Circuits
  68. Logic for Low Power Consumption in Asynchronous Circuits
  69. Pitfalls in Asynchronous Design.