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SpiNNaker Overview

Luis Plana: publications

  1. Fast Predictive Handshaking in Synchronous FPGAs for Fully Asynchronous Multi-Symbol Chip Links. Application to SpiNNaker 2-of-7 Links
  2. Analysis of FPGA and Software Approaches to Simulate Unconventional Computer Architectures
  3. ConvNets Experiments on SpiNNaker
  4. Accelerating Interconnect Analysis using High-Level HDLs and FPGA SpiNNaker as a Case Study
  5. Breaking The Millisecond Barrier On SpiNNaker: Implementing Asynchronous Event-Based Plastic Models With Microsecond Resolution
  6. A framework for plasticity implementation on the SpiNNaker neural architecture
  7. SpiNNaker: Enhanced multicast routing
  8. A framework for plasticity implementation on the SpiNNaker neural architecture
  9. SpiNNaker - programming model
  10. Event-based neural computing on an autonomous mobile platform
  11. The SpiNNaker Project
  12. On Generating Multicast Routes for SpiNNaker, a Massively-Parallel System for Neural Net Simulation
  13. A real-time simulator of a biological visual system composed of a silicon retina and SpiNNaker chips
  14. Overview of the SpiNNaker system architecture
  15. SpiNNaker: Fault Tolerance in a Power- and Area- Constrained Large-Scale Neuromimetic Architecture
  16. Real-Time Interface Board for Closed-Loop Robotic Tasks on the SpiNNaker Neural Computing System
  17. A location-independent direct link neuromorphic interface
  18. Live demonstration: Ethernet communication linking two large-scale neuromorphic systems
  19. SpiNNaker: A 1W 18-core System-on-Chip for Massively-Parallel Neural Network Simulation
  20. Managing Burstiness and Scalability in Event-Driven Models on the SpiNNaker Neuromimetic System
  21. Analytical Assessment of the Suitability of Multicast Communications for the SpiNNaker Neuromimetic System
  22. Event-Driven MLP Implementation on Neuromimetic Hardware
  23. SpiNNaker: A Multi-Core System-on-Chip for Massively-Parallel Neural Net Simulation
  24. Overview of the SpiNNaker system architecture
  25. An Asynchronous Fully Digital Delay Locked Loop for DDR SDRAM Data Recovery.
  26. A hierarchical configuration system for a massively parallel neural hardware platform.
  27. Scalable Communications for a Million-Core Neural Processing Architecture
  28. SpiNNaker: Design and Implementation of a GALS Multi-Core System-on-Chip
  29. Event-Driven SpiNNaker Simulation
  30. An Event-Driven Model for the SpiNNaker Virtual Synaptic Channel
  31. Managing Burstiness and Scalability in Event-Driven Models on the SpiNNaker Neuromimetic System
  32. Event-driven configuration of a neural network CMP system over an homogeneous interconnect fabric
  33. Description-level optimisation of synthesisable asynchronous circuits.
  34. Asynchronous Data-Driven Circuit Synthesis
  35. Modeling Spiking Neural Networks on SpiNNaker
  36. Algorithm for Mapping Multilayer BP Networks onto the SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware
  37. SpiNNaker: Effects of Traffic Locality and Causality on the Performance of the Interconnection Network
  38. Scalable Event-Driven Native Parallel Processing: The SpiNNaker Neuromimetic System
  39. Efficient Parallel Implementation of Multilayer Backpropagation Network on Torus-connected CMPs
  40. A communication infrastructure for a million processor machine
  41. System-on-Chip Design and Implementation
  42. Adaptive Admission Control on the SpiNNaker MPSOC
  43. A Synthesisable Quasi-Delay Insensitive Result Forwarding Unit for an Asynchronous Processor
  44. Understanding the Interconnection Network of SpiNNaker
  45. Asynchronous Data-Driven Circuit Synthesis
  46. A Token-Managed Admission Control System for QoS Provision on a Best-Effort GALS Interconnect
  47. Event-Driven Configuration of a Neural Network CMP System over a Homogeneous Interconnect Fabric
  48. A Universal Abstract-Time Platform for Real-Time Neural Networks
  49. Fault-Tolerant Delay-Insensitive Inter-Chip Communication
  50. System Level Modelling for SpiNNaker CMP System
  51. SpiNNaker: The design automation problem
  52. An Admission Control System for QoS Provision on a Best-effort GALS Interconnect
  53. Automatic Compilation of Data-Driven Circuits
  54. SpiNNaker: Mapping Neural Networks onto a Massively-Parallel Chip Multiprocessor
  55. An On-Chip and Inter-Chip Communications Network for the SpiNNaker Massively-Parallel Neural Net Simulator
  56. Performance-driven syntax-directed synthesis of asynchronous processors.
  57. A GALS Infrastructure for a Massively Parallel Multiprocessor.
  58. Attacking Control Overhead to Improve Synthesised Asynchronous Circuit Performance.
  59. The Design and Test of a Smartcard Chip Using a CHAIN Self-timed Network-on-Chip
  60. SPA - A Secure Amulet Core for Smartcard Applications
  61. An Investigation into the Security of Self-timed Circuits
  62. SPA - A Synthesisable Amulet Core for Smartcard Applications