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An Efficient Shortest-Path Routing Algorithm in the Data Centre Network DPillar

Alejandro Erickson , Abbas Eslami Kiasari, Javier Navaridas, Iain A. Stewart


DPillar has recently been proposed as a server-centric data centre network and is combinatorially related to the well-known wrapped butterfly network. We explain the relationship between DPillar and the wrapped butterfly network before proving a symmetry property of DPillar. We use this symmetry property to establish a single-path routing algorithm for DPillar that computes a shortest path and has time complexity O(klog(n)), where k parameterizes the dimension of DPillar and n the number of ports in its switches. Moreover, our algorithm is trivial to implement, being essentially a conditional clause of numeric tests, and improves significantly upon a routing algorithm earlier employed for DPillar. A secondary and important effect of our work is that it emphasises that data centre networks are amenable to a closer combinatorial scrutiny that can significantly improve their computational efficiency and performance.