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Reservation-based Network-on-Chip timing models for large-scale architectural simulation

Javier Navaridas, Behram Khan, Salman Khan, Paolo Faraboschi and Mikel Luján


Architectural simulation is an essential tool when it comes to evaluating the design of future many-core chips. However, reproducing all the components of such complex systems precisely would require unreasonable amounts of computing power. Hence, a trade off between accuracy and compute time is needed. For this reason most state-of-the-art tools do not have accurate models for the networks-on-chip, and rely on timing models that permit fast-simulation. Generally, these models are very simplistic and disregard contention for the use of network resources. As the number of nodes in the network-on-chip grows, fluctuations with contention and other parameters can considerably affect the accuracy of such models. In this paper we present and evaluate a collection of timing models based on a reservation scheme which consider the contention for the use of network resources. These models provide results quickly while being more accurate than simple no-contention approaches.

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