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Simulating and evaluating interconnection networks with INSEE,

Javier Navaridas and Jose Miguel-Alonso and Jose A. Pascual and Franc isco J. Ridruejo


This paper describes INSEE, a simulation framework developed at the University of the Basque Country. INSEE is designed to carry out performance-related studies of interconnection networks. It is composed of two main modules: a Functional Simulator of Interconnection Networks (FSIN) and a TRaffic GENeration module (TrGen), together with several other modules that extend INSEEā€™s functionality. The router models and topologies implemented in FSIN are included in this description. Likewise, the available methods to generate traffic are described thoroughly. Finally, the resource consumption of INSEE when managing different systems and workloads is also evaluated. INSEE has been used to conduct a variety of studies, including evaluation of novel topologies, diagnosis of causes of network congestion and evaluation of parallel scheduling algorithms.