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The SpiNNaker Project

Furber, S.B.; Galluppi, F.; Temple, S.; Plana, L.A


The spiking neural network architecture (SpiNNaker) project aims to deliver a massively parallel million-core computer whose interconnect architecture is inspired by the connectivity characteristics of the mammalian brain, and which is suited to the modeling of large-scale spiking neural networks in biological real time. Specifically, the interconnect allows the transmission of a very large number of very small data packets, each conveying explicitly the source, and implicitly the time, of a single neural action potential or -Y´spike.¡ In this paper, we review the current state of the project, which has already delivered systems with up to 2500 processors, and present the real-time event-driven programming model that supports flexible access to the resources of the machine and has enabled its use by a wide range of collaborators around the world. ABS-BODY

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