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A Token-Managed Admission Control System for QoS Provision on a Best-Effort GALS Interconnect

ShufanYang, Steve Furber, Yebin Shi and Luis A. Plana


A Token-ManagedAdmission Control (TMAC) mechanism is introduced in order to provide efficient Quality-of-Service (QoS) support for different types of application on a best-effort Globally-Asynchronous Locally-Synchronous (GALS) interconnect fabric. The mechanism is applied at the ingress edges of the fabric using tokens to allocate dynamic network resources and prevent network congestion. The degree of fairness is controllable, in order to balance the desired throughput and data transfer resource allocation appropriately for a particular application. The simulation and analysis presented here shows efficient QoS provision. Our detailed implementation and analysis show that TMAC provides service guarantees on the network while using a modest physical area because of the simplicity of the control logic.