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APT Group Patents

  • Paver N.C.
    Condition Detection in Asynchronous Pipelines.
    UK Patent no 9114513, October 1991.
  • Furber S.B.
    Dynamic Logic Pipeline Control.
    UK patent application 9604367.4, 1996.
  • Liu J.
    Piccolo Adder.
    UK patent application 9620526.5, 1996.
  • Day P. and Paver N.C.
    AMULET2 Halt Instruction.
    UK patent application 9620973.9, 1996.
  • Furber S.B.
    Scalable Neural Network Architecture.
    UK patent application 9924310.7, 1999.
  • Furber S.B.
    Duplex Communications System.
    UK patent application 9924312.3, 1999.
  • Brackenbury L.E.M., Cumpstey M., Furber S.B. and Riocreux P.
    Viterbi Decoder.
    UK patent application 9924585.4, 1999.
  • W.J.Bainbridge.
    Communication Method.
    UK patent application 0227841.4, 2002.